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MetroHealth tests digital credentials enlisting blockchain, digital wallets

MetroHealth System is pilot testing the use of digital credentials for physicians. The organization, which provides healthcare services in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, wants to be able to provide doctors with an updated, reusable and verified set of digital credentials to enable faster and more efficient privileging and payer enrollment processes. In the first wave of… Read More »

Eversense Implantable Glucometer Gets FDA Approval as Alternative to Finger Tests

Senseonics, a company out of Germantown, Maryland, won FDA approval for its Eversense continuous glucose monitoring system. The system is intended to be used instead of traditional finger prick tests to make diabetes-related decisions. This is a giant step for the company, which has developed a technology that combines a tiny implant with a wearable… Read More »

Parkinson’s drug pumped directly into brain fails to pass key tests

Researchers came up with an advanced device to deliver the drugMintMotion for Passionate Productions By Clare Wilson A radical new treatment for Parkinson’s disease involves pumping drugs directly into the brain, but results from the latest trial can’t tell us whether it actually helps improve the lives of people with the condition. Parkinson’s disease certainly… Read More »