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Virus warning issued for 50 Qld suburbs

Queensland health officials have put 50 suburbs on high alert after fragments of COVID-19 were detected in four different wastewater treatment plants across the state. Fragments of the virus were found at the Cairns North, Marlin Coast (Cairns), Fairfield (Brisbane South) and Mackay South plants. Those four plants cover 50 suburbs and residents in those… Read More »

Zero local virus cases in NSW

New South Wales announced zero new local cases of COVID-19 and five in hotel quarantine on Sunday morning as the state remains on high alert following a hotel quarantine worker testing positive earlier this week. The worker remains in isolation after their positive test on Wednesday and no close or community contacts have contracted COVID-19.… Read More »

No new virus cases in SA

South Australia recorded zero new COVID-19 infections on Monday, the day before restrictions are expected to ease. The state’s total number of infections remains at 561, with 17 considered active. There are 33 cases still connected to the Parafield cluster, with almost 2000 people quarantining over links to the group. SA Health Deputy Chief Public… Read More »

These are NSW’s new virus rules

NSW residents will at midnight enjoy the easing of several restrictions including the hard border with Victoria. From 12.01am on Monday, residents of both states will for the first time in more than four months be able to freely cross into the other jurisdiction without needing a permit. More people will also be able to… Read More »

Drug being tested for at-home treatment in hopes of slowing virus

Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center are testing a new approach to fighting COVID-19, using a repurposed antiviral AIDS drug for at-home treatment during the first days of symptoms in hopes of slowing the virus early and heading off hospitalization, intensive care, and death. The nationwide clinical trial is being led by Nathan Shapiro,… Read More »