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By | April 13, 2016

The city of London is among the planet’s top tourist destinations, it has hundreds of first rate cheap hotels London-wide, loads of world class museums and exhibitions, and of course the brilliant history and architecture for which Britain’s capital is so famous, it’s a fantastic place to spend a weekend break, or a longer holiday.

If you’re spending all your time sightseeing, things can get a touch exhausting, and you could feel the need for a momentary break to gather your breath.

One possibility is to head to the British Museum, it’s free to go in, but the cafes are a touch pricey. Still, more or less once a fortnight you can watch a Japanese tea ceremony for free in room 92.

Another, particularly cultural, possibility is a lunch hour classical music performance. London is wonderful for fans of classical music, but it can get expensive. All the same, there are spots all over the city (often churches) where you can listen to a brief hour long recital for the price of a little donation.

If you want the typically British tea and scone, you will have to splash out quite a lot in one of London’s best known five star hotels. There are, though, a number of wonderful tea shops that are certainly worth the money (it’s not much) and are sure to provide just as fine quality. Take a look round Spitalfields tea room Tea Smith.

For a break on a hot day, you’ve got to aim for Covent Garden for a excellent Italian ice cream and some light entertainment in the form of Covent Garden’s street performers. Alternatively, head for Chalk Farm for some old school Italian ice-creams from Marine Ices.

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Finally, if you want a sugar fix, why not try out Mrs Kibble’s Olde Sweet Shoppe in Soho, the shop is famed throughout the capital for offering delicious sweets for brilliant prices.

One of the best things about London is that wherever you are, you’re sure to encounter a great place to rest for a moment or gather your enthusiasm for another string of sightseeing, and that’s why it’s such a wonderful tourist destination.

Graham Cook is a free lance travel and tourism journalist who specialises in the sights and sounds of London. He recommends LondonTown.com for cheap hotels London wide.

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