Tattoo Numbing Spray – Maximum/Extra Strength Numb (2 Ounce) – The Healing Tattoo Pain Killer

By | November 27, 2017
Tattoo Numbing Spray - Maximum/Extra Strength Numb (2 Ounce) - The Healing Tattoo Pain Killer

Why is TAT Balm such a far superior product compared to other Lidocaine tattoo numbing products on the market? The difference is in NatureCaine. NatureCaine is a proprietary blend of many of natures most powerful numbing agents that have outperformed most over the counter Lidocaine numbing products. NatureCaines many natural painkillers not only reduce pain, but are also incredibly healthy for your skin, and often significantly reduce your tattoo recovery time to less than half. Our powerful natural ingredients will reduce swelling, bleeding, infection, and will even tone the skin making it easier to tattoo, solving many problems caused by chemical based products. We don’t stop at just providing a great natural base, we also jam pack it with the highest percentage of Lidocaine allowed by the FDA and we are FDA compliant. We provide the combo of NatureCaine + Lidocaine at a much lower cost than most providers that depend solely on Lidocaine. We hope you will agree with us that our natural and healthy double powered solution makes TAT Balm a far better pre-tattoo product for your money. Why settle for a lower quality chemical infused product that can cost much more, and only has one numbing agent in it, when you can have the power of natures best numbing agents plus Lidocaine, offering you a quicker recovery, and a more pleasurable tattoo experience! FOR BEST NUMBING RESULTS Step 1 – Shake well before each use. Completely soak the intended area with spray. Wait until soaked in and repeat until it is as numb as you want it to be. (Usually 4-6 layers) Step 2 – Wrap in plastic wrap to help it absorb into the skin better. Step 3 – Begin Tattoo Step 4 for sprays- Continue to use spray as heavily as needed throughout the tattoo. *For longer tattoo sessions, heavier cream and spray use is recommended. Not for use around the eyes.

  • Fast Acting Tattoo Numbing Power – NatureCaine, The All Natural Numbing & Healing Blend That Kills The Many Types Of Tattoo Pain
  • TAT Balm Provides The Legal Maximum Of Over The Counter Lidocaine Numbing – It Will Numb Your Tattoo Pain Within FDA Compliance
  • Both Lidocaine & NatureCaine’s Numbing Powers Combine To Numb More Powerfully, & Relieve Pain Better During The Tattoo Process While Also Stopping Itching, Irritation & Swelling
  • Supercharges Your Tattoo Natural Healing Time, Reducing It By Over Half – Our Numbing & Healing Blend Will Not Only Numb, But Also Begins Repairing Your Skin In only Minutes With Powerful Deep Penetrating Numbing, Antiseptic & Healing Ingredients
  • Our TAT Balm Numbing Spray Can Be Applied Before & During The Tattoo Process, You Will Find It Relieves Tattoo Itching With Fast Acting, Natural Numbing & Soothing Ingredients Designed To Numb Fast & Last For Hours Of Much Needed Pain, Itch, & Irritation Relief
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