Terrasil Itch Rash & Pain Relief Ointment 50 Gram Tube

By | March 15, 2017
Terrasil Itch Rash & Pain Relief Ointment 50 Gram Tube

A Fast-Acting, Soothing Answer to Itchy, Irritated Skin

Terrasil Itch, Rash, and Pain Relief uses soothing topical anaesthetics, made to stop itch and irritation fast. Allantoin provides effective skin protection and locks in moisture. With soothing essential oils and patented Activated Minerals® that deliver fast, targeted relief, Terrasil is a unique FDA registered remedy that combines the latest science with the finest natural ingredients for a truly one-of-a-kind itch and rash relief ointment.

Yes, Terrasil Really Works

• Quickly stops intense itch, rash, and irritation
• Helps relieve stabbing, burning, stinging pain
• Deep moisturizing ingredients calm and repair skin
• Promotes healing of persistent rash and irritation

What Do Customers Like About Terrasil?

• Free of steroids

• Backed by 10 years of research

• FDA-registered remedy

• No unnecessary chemicals, artificial scents, parabens and potentially harmful preservatives

• Moisturizing formula will not dry out your skin

• Proudly made in the USA

Please allow up to two weeks for results.

  • STOPS ITCHING AND IRRITATION FAST and locks out potential irritants so you can forget about your itch and get back to normal
  • STEROID-FREE FORMULA halts itching and irritation without the risks or side-effects typically associated with topical steroid creams
  • PATENTED ACTIVATED MINERALS® TECHNOLOGY delivers FDA approved active ingredients quickly and efficiently right where they are needed
  • NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS mean that you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals irritating your skin
  • Terrasil Itch, Rash, and Pain Relief Ointment MAX provides soothing relief from itching, dermatitis, eczema, grovers disease, intertrigo, rosacea, bug bites, hailey hailey, heat rash, sunburn, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, prurigo, pruritus ani, lichen planus, lichen simplex, erythema nodosum, miliaria, erythrasma, wind burn. All-natural, deep moisturizing formula that is steroid free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, non-irritating, soothing, safe for sensitive skin
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