The 8 Most Affordable Beauty Hacks—According to Reddit

By | June 14, 2021

Beauty hacks are the tried and true secrets of the internet and overheard conversations IRL that we share to hopefully inspire our fellow skincare and makeup lovers. There are so many hacks that we’ve heard of before and tried. From keeping your products in the fridge to a frozen cucumber, there are endless ways to repurpose products (or produce!) in order to have a more amazing skin tone or texture. We might even try something to make products last longer. We went to the queen of the internet, Reddit, to find the most popular beauty hacks. Keep reading for more on what we found out!

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Image: Adrian Motroc via Unsplash

The 8 Most Affordable Beauty Hacks—According to Reddit

1) Keep your products in the fridge.

It’s not actually keeping them cold that will make them last longer if that’s what you thought. While it does feel good to put a cold product on the face, you can actually guarantee that your product doesn’t oxidize if you do it this way. The sunlight may mess with your product and how long it lasts.

2) Cut a corner in your sheet mask to get the leftover product.

If you are using a sheet mask, you’ll notice that there is almost always the leftover product when you take it out. Cut a corner in the packaging and get more bang for your buck!

3) Mix aloe vera gel with your hydrating oils.

One Reddit user sweats by mixing aloe vera gel in with her hydrating oil instead of waiting for it to dry. She claims that this helps it dry faster and absorb more into the skin.

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4) Cutting your peel pads in half to get more use out of them.

You can get more use out of your peel pads by cutting them in half. Most users on Reddit agreed that they don’t use the entire pad when they use the product.

5) Using serum or moisturizer in between drying times to style brows.

If you’re waiting to put on your next product during your morning skincare routine, put it on your brows! Skip if this is retinol though. Get a brow brush and run it through your brows!

6) Use a frozen cucumber for flawless skin.

Put a cucumber (cut the top off) in the freezer and wait until it is completely frozen. Take it out to use on your face for anti-inflammatory production and having less irritation on the face.

7) Move your toner into a spray bottle.

If you’re sick of buying overpriced makeup sprays or a refreshing spray, one Reddit user recommends moving your toner (or some of it) into a spray bottle to get beneficial skincare actives and extracts in your makeup routine.

8) Steam your face with a hot pot.

You don’t need to buy an expensive steamer. You can boil a pot of hot water and put a towel over your head for the same effect. This way, you can also try and infuse your favorite products for maximum potency. You can even throw oil in there for good measure. This is one of our favorite beauty hacks.

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