The Beauer 3X Plus Modern Tiny Trailer Expands Into a Behemoth

By | November 17, 2019

Some of our favorite pieces of gear are collapsible to be made more carry-able. Backpacks, camping chairs, the list goes on. Never did we think “trailer” would be added to that list—but here we are. Meet the Beauer 3X concept trailer.

On the outside, it looks like a small unassuming pod—perfectly adequate to serving the needs of one person (maybe two if you’re really close). But there’s more to this little guy than meets the eye.

With about 20 seconds of work—literally just twisting a lever—it can expand to accommodate the whole family. Two telescopic modules on either side of the pod expand outward into a full-on camper that can easily fit four or five people. It even reveals an entry door as a pleasant little surprise. Even more magically, the furniture and accommodations on the inside sort of just slot into place.



But wait—what if you want more room than what the Beauer 3X offers? Not to worry, friend, because you’d be perfect for the Beauer 3X Plus. The 3X Plus starts at about the size of your regular RV, but then expands into a 300-square-foot full-out living space that can easily fit six people comfortably. The Plus is basically a roving studio apartment.



Inside both iterations of the 3X, you’ll find wonderfully designed and dedicated areas for eating, sleeping, washing, and cooking. The Plus has a few extras thrown in, like a sofa. (A sofa!) They come in all sorts of fun pops of color, but we’re particular to the cleaner, leaner white option.

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The junior 3X starts at a paltry $ 33,000, and the 3X Plus at around $ 50,000—but last we heard, it’s only sold in Europe at the moment. Well, if you ever needed an excuse to move to France.

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