The Best Phone Cleaners to Sanitize Your Phone

By | March 27, 2020

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Time to wipe down that phone

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If you find yourself thinking, how do I clean my phone, in the middle of the current coronavirus pandemic, know you aren’t alone. Everyone is concerned about staying safe and healthy. Cleaning our devices is a part of this. Research has shown that cell phones can be up to ten times as dirty as a toilet seat. If that startling statistic doesn’t motivate you to use a phone cleaner, what will?

But not all phone cleaners alike. From products specifically designed for your phone to household cleaners you may already have on hand, here are some of the best popular products you can use to disinfect your phone. (It’s also a good idea to purchase a screen protector to assure the coating on your device doesn’t become damaged from chemicals or accidentally using the wrong combination of products.) Find out just how filthy your phone is.

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Lysol Disinfectant Spray

lysol spray phone sanitizervia

$ 5.99

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Many of us already use Lysol spray and wipes to disinfect surfaces in our homes, but did you know it also works as a phone cleaner? “For mobile phones, one of the best sanitizers is Lysol, either the sprays or the wipes,” says Aqsa Tabassam, editor-in-chief of InsideTechWorld. “Leave it on for four to five minutes, to disinfect and clean before wiping,” she notes. The product has a refreshing smell too. These four household products kill coronavirus, according to Consumer Reports.

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