The old kids cubby gets a makeover

By | January 25, 2019
SO FRESH: For best results, paint the underside of the boards then the face, and start at the top of the cubby and work your way down. Photo: Delux Australia, stylist: Bree Leech.

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SO FRESH: For best results, paint the underside of the boards then the face, and start at the top of the cubby and work your way down. Photo: Delux Australia, stylist: Bree Leech.

Despite the warm weather it can be hard prising kids off their screens and coaxing them outdoors. Creating a space in the backyard in which they can play, imagine, create and explore will inspire young ones to enjoy their own outdoor oasis.

Cubby houses have been a staple item in many Australian backyards for generations. However, as they’re constantly exposed to the elements, many are neglected, rundown. 

According to Dulux colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr, injecting some personality into your cubby house is a fun and all-inclusive process. All you need is a sunny afternoon, a little paint and a lot of imagination. Best of all, it’s the perfect project to get the kids actively involved, ensuring they’ll have a place they’ll love and cherish for years to come.

“Choosing the right colours doesn’t have to be hard,” she says. “Create some punchy and fun schemes that will complement the look and feel of your yard, and let your kids have a say – after all, the cubby’s colours must excite and ignite their passion to play in the space.”

Whether you are painting a multi-story cubby, or a quaint one room with a window, the right colours and accessories will turn your run-of-the-mill cubby into a gorgeous kid’s outdoor retreat.

“Uplifting yellows, such as Dulux Lemon Delicious paired with a crisp white such as Dulux Lexicon Quarter offers a simple, statement look that complements most home styles and backyards,” Andrea says. “This classic scheme also works well for all children – perfect for ensuring every family member and their friends can enjoy the space come play time.”

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If you’re going to update your cubby house, why not also give a lick of paint in complementary colours to tired outdoor settings, accessories and planters.

To create a long-lasting finish, these colour schemes can be applied with Dulux Weathershield, Duramax and Aquanamel, which will protect the outdoor accessories from Australia’s versatile weather conditions. That way, not matter what time of the year, your kids will always have their backyard retreat ready and waiting for all the adventures to be had. 

  1. Gather your painting supplies in your chosen colours(s), drop sheet, high quality synthetic brush for cutting in, medium nap (10-18mm) roller, roller tray, 400 grit sandpaper, painter’s tape and old cloths.
  2. Ensure the surface has been properly prepared prior to starting to paint. Follow the label on the can for more information.
  3. Start painting by cutting in around the edges and hard to reach areas using Dulux Weathershield.
  4. For best results, begin at the top and work your way down. Paint the underside of your boards then the face. Use long strokes in horizontal motions from one side to the other. As a tip – never stop halfway along the board and return to it later or you’ll create an overlapping of paint which is difficult to correct. Allow to dry for two hours.
  5. Give the surface a light sand with 400 grit sandpaper and repeat step four for a second coat. If painting bare timber, a third coat will need to be applied.

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