The Psych Med Song: antipsychiatry song on psychiatric drugs

By | December 4, 2015

This song is from my album “Songs from the Locked Ward,” written and recorded in the summer of 2009. Music video from 2015.

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Prozac Buspar Xanax too
Haloperidol for you

Zoloft Zyban Trazodone
Antabuse and Methadone

if neuroleptics make you shake
then Benztropine you must take

They profit from the drugs they sell
From the side effects as well

Thorazine Amphetamine
Luvox Carbamazapine

Clozapine and Stelazine
Protripyline lamotrigine

Valium and Ativan
viagra for the modern man

But now some ladies take it too
Off-label is good for you!

Abilify and Mellaril
Klonopin Anafrinil

Naltrexone oxazepam
Rozerem triazolam

celexa went generic, oh
So let’s brand name it Lexapro

Tweak the formula a touch
Sells for thirty times as much

Venlafaxine Doxepin
Benificat and Ambien

cymbalta and Adderall
Serzone and Propanolol

Bupropion does not sound fun
So market it as Wellbutrin

If its drug name makes you chafe
change its name so it sounds safe

Effexor and Vistaril
Lunesta and Tofranil

Librium and Nembutal
Zeldox Phenobarbital

It takes a town to raise a kid
But barring that there’s Ritalin

Pills are good for kids I know
The FDA it told me so

Topomax and Trilafon
Depakote and Geodon

Methylin Modafinil
Dexedrine and Dogmatil

Lobotomy has since evolved
nowadays there’s Risperdal

Zyprexa shrinks a monkey’s brain
You tell me now who’s insane

Nardil Paxil Elavil
prolixin and Seroquel

Moban Marplan and Navane
Benadryl and Loxitane

Lithium will soothe your mood
If it doesn’t poison you

If you think they’re danger free
Buy the Brooklyn Bridge from me

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Mirtazipine Nortriptyline
Procyclidine fluphenazine

Eldepryl and Loxapine
Flurazepam Desipramine

Symmetrel Reboxetine
Halcion Trimipramine

La la la—la la la
La la la la la la….
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