The Top 5 Relationship Killers – Identify These Problem Areas Before It’s Too Late

By | May 1, 2018

After years of being together with this person, I never would’ve guess that our relationship would be on the verge of falling apart. It’s painful because you’ve known them for so long, and there are heartaches because you can’t see yourself without them anymore. The top 5 relationship killers can spread into your life like a plague, with little warning, and that’s why it’s very important you identify these problem areas before its too late!

# 5 Don’t Allow Different Goals To Separate Your Relationship!

As a relationship grows, it might slowly begin drifting apart if the couple isn’t careful enough to notice whats going on. Although there are many factors that contribute to this problem, if both individuals find themselves chasing separate goals then their relationship enters a state of jeopardy!

# 4 Avoid Living In The Past!

People who live in the past find it impossible to move forward in life! One of you is consistently comparing their new relationship to the previous one, and it’s not good when someone obsessively lives by their past mistakes. The past is the past, simply let it go and move forward before it damages your relationship beyond repair

.# 3 Try Not To Move Onto Your Partner Too Quickly!
A healthy relationship will progress naturally as both individuals become more compatible and comfortable with each other. However, if one person seems to be moving the relationship faster than its meant to be, such as rushing a commitment then the relationship will come to a premature end!

# 2 Learn To Balance Dependence and Independence In Your Relationship!

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Maintaining the right balance between dependence and independence is tricky. Too much of dependence and people feel smothered. On the other hand, too much of independence and people feel neglected. Balancing the scales of dependence and independence takes work, but its also very important if you want your relationship to thrive!

# 1 At All Costs Avoid Cheating On Your Partner!

Infidelity or cheating is the number one relationship killer in the world today! The pain of being betrayed is often potent enough to leave a couple stone-cold dead even if the bed sheets are still warm from nights of passion. Cheating brings about dishonesty and mistrust to your reputation and that is why this should be avoided at all cost!