The Umbrella Stand – Keeping Umbrellas Erect For Over a Century

By | March 16, 2018

When discussing umbrella stands, one should first define what an one is.  Many of you probably assume you know what an umbrella stand is, but I bet you have not thought beyond the obvious one or two items that might be considered an one.  For some of you, the first thing that popped into your head was the indoor stands that are usually kept in a foyer that house the umbrellas when they are not being used.  Of course you would be correct!  Others of you might think of the base that you use for your outdoor patio umbrella and you would be right too!  Still yet there might be others of you that think it is a stand to secure your beach umbrella and yep you guess it, you were right also.

There are also umbrella stands that are used at museums and public places that allow you to actually lock up your umbrella while you are visiting so as not to be hindered by your cumbersome umbrella and also to prevent your umbrella from dripping water all over priceless artifacts!  These are most often called umbrella racks and come in very handy, especially if you are sitting down to dinner in your best clothes, it would be annoying if they ended up all wet and you can’t enjoy yourself!

The indoor umbrella stand can be found in the front entrance of many homes.  It is used to store umbrellas when they are not being used and keeps them neat and tidy and out of the way.  These were made popular in Victorian England and were often used as a sign of prosperity and style.  Wood was the material of choice for the crafting of these stands and is still popular today, but with the current fashions many other materials such as metals or plastics can also be used.  If you don’t own one you might consider it because they help keep your floors dry and with all the different styles today there is surely one to suit everyone’s tastes and needs.

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Another popular umbrella stand is the large heavy stand that holds up patio umbrellas and unless you live at either the north or south pole then you probably enjoy at least a little summer weather.  Patio furniture is popular among people who enjoy being outdoors and having BBQ’s during the summer and no set is complete without the patio umbrella.  The stands for these umbrellas are very heavy and sturdy in order to support the large umbrella and resist it blowing away in strong winds.  These umbrellas are perfect for keeping the sun off your guests and that allows for more time outside to enjoy the nice weather.

The beach umbrella stand is probably the greatest invention since sliced bread for those of us who love the sand and surf.  There is nothing more enjoyable then relaxing at the beach, but it is often times almost too hot with the sun beating down to enjoy it for too long.  Hence the beach umbrella.  The only problem is getting your beach umbrella to stay in the loose sand and stay upright against the strong winds that are almost always present at the beach.  Enter the umbrella stand for the beach.  These stands are amazing and they are more like a screw that you twist down into the sand and then when it is firmly in place you attach your beach umbrella to it.  Voila, no more chasing your umbrella down the beach!

One other type of stand that should be touched on is the outdoor umbrella stand that people use at the park or baseball and soccer games.  These stands are much like the beach stand as they twist into the ground or are spike shaped and stake into the ground to provide stability for your shade umbrella.  These are typically used beside you chair while you are enjoying the game or having a picnic. 

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As you can see there are many types of umbrella stands to consider. Of course they all require different umbrellas so find the one to fit your needs!