These are NSW’s new virus rules

By | November 22, 2020

NSW residents will at midnight enjoy the easing of several restrictions including the hard border with Victoria.

From 12.01am on Monday, residents of both states will for the first time in more than four months be able to freely cross into the other jurisdiction without needing a permit.

More people will also be able to attend outdoor events including religious services, which will have its cap raised from 300 to 500 people.

Customer check-in at businesses using QR codes will also become mandatory to provide patrons with a hygienic, contactless way of signing in.

Businesses that fail to have a digital system in place by Monday could face penalties.

“Any business that is serious about safety should be using digital registration, such as a QR code or other method of capturing contact details electronically. There are no excuses,” NSW Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello said earlier this month.

Hospitality venues that use electronic entry are currently allowed to apply the one person per 2 sqm rule for outdoor areas.

Checkpoints along the NSW-Victorian border came into force on July 8 following the start of Victoria’s second wave of coronavirus cases.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was in Albury on Sunday, where she celebrated becoming the first state to be open to all Australian jurisdictions and New Zealand.

“Restrictions are eased and once the border comes down at midnight, I know life will be much more positive for this region but also for all of Australia,” Ms Berejiklian said.



Residents of both states will be able to travel freely across the border without needing a permit.

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The number of peope allowed at outdoor services will rise from 300 to 500, provided the audience is seated on either a chair or picnic blanket.


Up to 30 singers will now be permitted outdoors, however, the current five-person limit will remain for indoor venues.

The audience or congregation may also sing but anyone aged 12 and over must wear a mask.


Controlled outdoor events that are ticketed and held in an enclosed or fenced area will be allowed up to 3000 people.

Previously, music performances and rehearsals could only be held outdoors with a maximum of 500 people.

*All of the above restrictions are subject to the one person per 2 sqm rule if assigned a seat, or one person per 4 sqm if seated on the grass or on a picnic rug in an allocated area.

For more information visit NSW Health.

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