This Is How to Craft the Perfect Online Dating Profile

By | June 12, 2021

Say it one more time for the people in the back: dating is hard! While we wish we could go back to the time our parents were getting to know each other, a time of simplicity and finding someone close to home, we can’t say we’re completely mad at the way things have turned in the 21st century. While online dating can be full of those who, for lack of a better word, waste our time, we also have been given the opportunity to date someone with similar interests, who we’re attracted to, and maybe even lives somewhere across the world! We did some research to find out how you can make your online dating profile stand out amongst the rest. Keep reading for more!

Image: Jonathan Petit via Unsplash

This Is How to Craft the Perfect Online Dating Profile

Your Photos

Choose between five to eight photos that represent you in the best possible way. The real you! What’s the point in all of this fluff if you’re looking for love online? Make sure that they are lifestyle shots as well. While shots with friends are important, it’s good to showcase yourself in a good light. After all, this person will be dating you, not your friends! According to Self Magazine, using a selfie should be limited to just one per profile. Why? If they’re unique enough, go for it, but we want your focus to be on making sure you are showcasing more than just your beauty!

Image: Guilherme Caetano via Unsplash

The Profile

Because almost every dating app only allows you to say a few words about yourself, you’ve got to use them wisely. Put as much information in there as you can (and as you want to dole out). It’s very important to put a bio in so that there is an opportunity for someone to have an opener when they talk to you. We all know that most of the time, only a hello turns into a boring conversation. You also want to attract the right type of person. Giving some info about yourself and a way for someone to give you a great opening line is key here.

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