Tinnitus Treatment – New Methods For Treatment Of Tinnitus

By | April 18, 2016

Tinnitus treatment can take a variety of forms and will depend on the degree of tinnitus that you suffer from. Tinnitus is a high-pitched noise that can be heard in the ear or emanates from the ear that distorts your hearing of other external sounds. As you can imagine this can be downright annoying in a mild form or impossible to cope with when it becomes chronic. Most of the time this sound is like a high-pitched ringing, buzzing or whining. It is possible to have tinnitus in both ears or in only one ear.

Otologic disorders are the main cause of tinnitus besides listening to loud music or being in a loud environment. Otologic disorders that cause tinnitus include acoustic shock, middle ear effusion, superior canal dehiscence, cerumen impaction, and external ear infections. Presbycusis, mercury poisoning, analgesic medication, anti-viral drugs, metabolic disorders, psychiatric disorders, Meniere’s disease, lead poisoning, antibiotics, and psychedelic drugs can also cause tinnitus.

If you suffer from objective tinnitus in which a high pitch noise actually emanates form your ear then you can be treated by a range of methods. The simplest treatment for objective tinnitus is cleaning our your ear canal. Clonazepan, botulinum toxin, and propranolol are also commonly used. A more serious type of treatment is gamma knife radio surgery. This type of treatment focusing highly concentrated radiation to very small areas and is commonly used to treat brain tumors.

Subjective tinnitus is when the balance of your ear is off and the oscillations due to hair vibrating and then that information going to the brain can cause tinnitus when the balance is off. This type of tinnitus centers on the hair cells in your ears that pick up on sound. Loud music can kill hair cells and it is thought that the main cause of subjective tinnitus is from the loss of hair cells.

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There are different types of drugs and other nutrients that can be used to treat tinnitus including lidocaine, which can suppress tinnitus for up to 20 minutes when directly injected into the ear, ginkgo Biloba, small doses of benzodiazepines, small doses of tricyclics, avoiding salt, avoiding nicotine, avoiding caffeine, zinc, melatonin, electrical stimulation, surgery, and other external sound treatments such as Neuromonics Tinnitus treatment.

However the best type of treatment is ways to prevent tinnitus. Preventing tinnitus, which when severe enough can lead to hearing loss, revolves around avoiding loud environments. If you are in a loud environment like a rock concert then you should use earplugs that will minimize any ear damage.

There are types of mediation that can weaken your ears so that they are more easily damaged by loud noises. It is important to know the level of ototoxicity, or ear toxicity, associated with any medications you may be taking, Find out whether any of the medicines you take might lead to increased injury from loud sounds if the drug you have been prescribed affects your ears or your hearing.

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