Tramadol Medication Helps Treat Restless Leg Syndrome

By | March 2, 2018

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a condition that not many people know a lot about. Sure, we all see the commercials for it and hear about the “creepy-crawly” feeling its patients suffer from, but what does RLS feel like? Does it feel like insects inside the skin? Constant motion of the legs is one of the effects, but what can you do to stop this disease? Does Tramadol medication really work? What are the other symptoms?

First of all Restless Leg Syndrome is a disorder where a person feels the need to keep moving his or her legs in order to stop tingling, aching, or crawling sensations. These occurrences often happen at night when a person is lying down. They can also happen during the day if a person sits still for a long time. Sometimes they last for over an hour and they can occur in the arms too. A person who has RLS will move his or her legs constantly in order to make the sensations go away. Sometimes people who suffer from RLS even move their legs while they’re sleeping.

It’s not really clear what causes people to suffer from RLS, but it is a very inconvenient condition to have, as it makes sitting still very difficult. People with kidney disease and Parkinson’s disease may suffer from RLS. Oftentimes women who are pregnant experience the condition. People who are iron deficient have also been known to have RLS.

There aren’t really any tests to diagnose whether or not a person has RLS, only tests to determine whether or not a person has any of the other conditions listed above. Thankfully, RLS is not known to be dangerous or fatal. It is simply an inconvenient condition that may lead to a patient having trouble sleeping.

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As far as treating RLS, there is really not one specific treatment that works for all patients. Before taking medication, a doctor might recommend that a person suffering from RLS indulge in warm baths or stretching. Massages are also supposed to be good for RLS.

There are sleeping medications that can be taken for nighttime RLS, but one of the best known treatments is Tramadol medication. It is a narcotic that has often been used to treat RLS patients.

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