Valuheart Heartworm Pills

By | April 18, 2018

Valuheart heartworm pills are a generic form of Heartgard for dogs. They use ivermectin to destroy all larval heartworms picked up by an infected mosquito bite. If used every 30 days these forms of heartworm tablet will guarantee your pet is never infected with the disease. Many vets recommend using Heartgard pills. This is because they are the ‘original’ brand to develop ivermectin as a heartworm preventative. But as the monopoly on such medication is now over, other company’s are free to use ivermectin also.

Valuheart heartworm pills are one such product. They contain an identical dose of ivermectin to ensure dogs do not get heartworm disease. Because they never needed to develop the drug in the first place they are able to be sold much more cheaply. But, even though Valuheart is a generic product, it is still bound by the same rules and regulations. In fact, they still needed to be licensed by the FDA and shown to be interchangeable with Heartgard before being sold.

So, even though you can save money (usually around 40%) if you choose a generic such as Valuheart, you are not scrimping on your dog’s health. With the same dose of heartworm prevention, Valuheart ensures your dog’s safety whilst also guaranteeing you a little extra money at the end of each month.

If you are looking to save money on your dog’s heartworm preventative, consider Valuheart heartworm medicine. But also consider buying online. Online pet medicine retailers have such massive buying power they are able to offer great savings when compared the price you would need to pay at your local vet’s office. Plus, because they have such a large customer base they tend to stock more variety, including more generic options such as these.

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Another saving can be made by purchasing from overseas. Canadian pet pharmacies often sell Valuheart heartworm pills at greatly discounted prices. Plus, their sales of these are prescription free.

For more information about Valuheart heartworm pills and other forms of heartworm medicine, with sources for cheap heartworm medication visit the links.