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By | November 1, 2015

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Clonazepam lyrics:

I take a pill to excite me and another to calm me
I take one every night to sleep and Grandma’s cupboard arms me
Clonazepam and Vicadin she really can’t be
In need of all these meds I think her doctor must be barmy
The contents of this cupboard could tranquillise an army
So why not help myself to some [man] 4 or 5 can’t harm me
Not the type to get hooked — I can keep the shit at arm’s reach
Oh wait I might just be — to think of it alarms me
So take another pill to kill the rumination
Then chill, be still, ignore the ironic illumination
Hypochondriac I am so who’s to say when
I should medicate myself to quell the blues I hate them
Self induce a state when I felt the roof might cave in
Me and all the other pharmaceutical using patients
Usual suspects with the usual statements
Take a blue pill to feel well when you’re losing your patience

Clonazepam, Lorazepam, Diazepam damn
Pop a bit of Zopiclan — I am a bad man
But I am the man Ann — and I have a plan Stan
Got a rocket in my pocket ma’am — wham bam
Marijuana, codeine, quetiapine and methadone
Take me from my zone and leave me in the mental home
Shut the latch and lock it — I want to be left alone
I got such a rattling pocket and it’s such a heavy load

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There’s a lot to block out I guess some just deal with it
Some might say man up and don’t make such a meal of it
Some might not want to hear and might not be feeling it but
Say what you want my dears I’m just trying to be real with it
The game will have you hustling, buying, selling, trading, stealing it
It’ll have you lying cheating scamming saying “he did it”
It’ll show you where your trust should lie and those who bleeding it
It’ll test your self-control cos it knows you’ll be needing it
Drugs will make your nose run; have you talking to no one
Scratching at your skin like someone stung you with a blow gun
They’ll give you times that you’ll remember as so fun
And days when the death you’re dying feels like a slow one
Kill pain just to get you by roll up and blow one
The days when you getting high, dole sucks, no fun
Disconnected from your head like you fucked with the Shogun
Makes me think of my first Valium back in 01
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