Vishal Ahuja’s “@dankstory” Is Buzzing High On Instagram

By | January 14, 2020
Vishal Ahuja's

Vishal Ahuja (Photo Credits: Agencies)

Don’t you feel the 21st century is giving many great things to us like the surge of the Internet and popular Apps like Instagram, Facebook and all? Why I am telling this great because we are getting some fantastic hidden talents who are entertaining people with their humour and excellent concepts. Today we are covering a story of a fabulous young talent born in Madhya Pradesh – Satna, a young lad or say teen impressing people with his fantastic humour on Instagram. His Family is more than 157.k Wow how he manage to do that, I mean to attract such massive number at teenage with the only humour is not possible. We are talking about Social Media sensation from Instagram “Vishal Ahuja” young dude whose page @dankstory is making lots of buzz on Instagram.

His formula of posting things is simple as he is working on one theme, which is Rich Black and in that comes his one-liners which are impressing people worldwide. For us, it is tough to believe a boy who is so young, making fans with Instagram posts. I mean it is a big win for social media platform which is giving some real right talent to us who are surely going to be bright stars of India. This page of Vishal Ahuja is not so old, he started alone, and now he is having 157.k people with him who are loving his humorous post which is bringing a smile on people’s face. His gifted nature and some proper research are helping him create some magical post on the social media platform.

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At tender age Vishal Ahuja is already an Entrepreneur who is having a fabulous fan following, and a really useful page @dankstory. Surely we will see Vishal getting offers from top brands to post their products on his page. It will be a beautiful thing for Vishal as he can promote many good things in his @dankstory Family. With that, he can earn a support good stuff which is a win-win for Vishal Ahuja. We are impressed with this young lad Vishal Ahuja, and his story has inspired us to write on him, and we also like to tell others to follow this talented lad as he will surprise us in many more things in coming years.

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