What is Arthritis in the Hip?

By | September 3, 2016

People often wonder what the pain in their hip is from. Some people have had an injury and think the pain is still a result of that, where others may think the pain is from a past surgery. The fact is that the pain in this region may be caused from this type of debilitating disease. This is a disorder of the joints, and can cause great pain. This article will describe pain in the hips as well as its causes and treatments.

Before discussing this specifically in this area it is important to know what arthritis actually is. This is a disorder in which the joints in the body become inflamed. This inflammation can be caused from a variety of things. The inflammation can cause the joints to become extremely painful when moved. Joints that are inflamed will often hurt when sitting still or moving.

Arthritis that takes place in the hip is caused from the joints in this region to become inflamed. When the joints become inflamed it is becomes very difficult to walk, sit or lay. Many people that experience pain in this area can find one or two positions that are comfortable for them, however most of the time they are in terrible pain.

The treatments for this type of disorder in the hip are the same as any kind of arthritis. The most common treatment is medication. In most cases a doctor will prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication to relieve the pain. Other times a pain killer will be prescribed to reduce the amount of pain that is being experienced. On occasion a doctor will advise that you perform physical therapy for this parameter. Physical therapy is a type of exercise that you can do and be assisted by physicians. When you go to physical therapy you will work on making the hip feel more comfortable.

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Most of the time a combination of all three of these treatments will be used. Doctors have found that by using pain killers to reduce the pain people can feel more comfortable to do physical therapy. While taking the pain killers and doing the physical therapy doctors will most likely have you take the anti-inflammatory medication as well. This will somehow knock out all of the above at once. The best results have been shown by using a combination of all three. When people choose to use all three the pain and inflammation will start to subside quicker.

It is important to remember that there is not a cure for arthritis and that it may never completely go away. By using these treatments your symptoms may decrease or go away for a while. In most cases the pain comes back and will stay around. All of these things are designed to help ease the pain and make it more livable. This is a serious disease and should be dealt like one. Some people ignore their pain until it is too much to handle. This is not a wise decision because the pain will get more severe over time. The sooner arthritis is detected the better off you will be.

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