What Vitamins May Cause or Cure Body Odor?

By | July 26, 2020

vitamins for body odor
Learn which vitamins for body odor may help you smell better!

The heat of summertime is wonderful for home gardens, days at the pool, and increasing your natural vitamin D intake. However, this warm weather also causes an increase in sweat and body odor. Even a short burst of yard work can leave you running for a shower, fresh clothes, and a healthy dose of deodorant.

An increase in body odor is normal when the weather is warm, but what if you’ve noticed a significant swing? Could your hormones be to blame? Do you have a vitamin deficiency or do you just need a stronger deodorant? Keep reading for the answers to these questions, designed to help you determine the best way to naturally manage your body odor.

Understanding Body Odor

Body odor is typically caused when you overheat, either from vigorous activity or warm external temperatures. The amount or severity of body odor you experience can be related to the foods you eat, hormonal changes, and may even indicate a medical issue. If you notice a significant change in body odor, it’s best to connect with a medical professional to ensure there is no underlying issue.

Vitamins for Body Odor

There isn’t a strong body of research that suggests the use or discontinuation of specific vitamins for body odor. Although, vitamins E and A may help maintain healthy skin and bacteria on the skin and contribute to a reduction in smell.

Vitamin C supplements like Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C from LivOn Labs may help with a healthy immune response and manage odor from bad breath. Studies show that zinc oxide may be effective in controlling odor when applied topically and in an active ingredient in many natural deodorant products.

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Data does suggest, however, that certain foods can increase or change your body odor. Spicy foods and red meat, for example, may contribute to more sweat or a stronger smell. So, if you want to reduce body odor, you may want to start by eliminating spicy or galicky foods from your diet.

Understanding Deodorant

Deodorant is designed to neutralize and prevent body odor and falls into two different camps; deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorant alone works to mask and neutralize odor, while deodorant with antiperspirant masks odor and uses aluminum to reduce sweating.

Many of the harsh, active chemical  ingredients in conventional deodorants have been under scrutiny in recent years due to claims that they may cause negative health issues such as cancer, liver damage, and Althzeimer’s. The research behind these claims is inconclusive but has led many individuals to switch to natural deodorant products.

Differences Between Natural and Conventional Deodorants

In the past few years, there has been an increase of natural deodorant products on the market. Companies like Acure Organics make 100% vegan, NSF certified Deodorants in natural scents such as Cedarwood and Mint and Lemon Verbena.

Other brands like Real Purity offer targeted products like Certified Organic Deodorant For High Heat, which uses essential oils and arrowroot powder to keep you dry in the sweatiest situations.

How will you use vitamins for body odor? What products do you rely on to stay fresh?

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