What You Should Never Eat Before a Yoga Class

By | October 11, 2018

Yoga help you find balance in your world, physically, mentally and emotionally. It acts as the best energy booster that helps you to stay physically fit and improves the performance of body and mind as a whole. Today, people opt for yoga sessions for improved physical fitness and reduction in their stress levels.

Wanting to become a Yoga trainer by enrolling in a yoga teacher training in Sydney can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. Participating in yoga teacher training sessions is the most magical moments of your life because it opens new experiences, friends and teaches you new ways of looking at things.

As a dedicated member of Sydney yoga teacher training, you must eat healthy and there is no excuse. Yes, eating well is an important and often misunderstood part of the yogic lifestyle. During your training, you should watch what you are eating for a well-nourished and healthy energy level. Here we have listed a few foods that you should avoid before a yoga class.

Nuts and Seeds

Even though dried nuts and seeds are highly nutritious and nourishing, they are also rich in protein and fat content. Keep in mind, having too much fibre before yoga is a bad idea. The high amount of protein and fat sits in your stomach and causes indigestion while you are moving through postures and makes you sluggish.

Instead, grab a handful of raspberries or flax seeds that is great for your body in general.

Fried Foods

Did you know fried foods such as French fries or fried onions take hours to digest? If these fried foods are going to sit on your stomach for long hours, then you will not feel comfortable on your yoga mat. Still, if you want to have a crunch factor before the yoga session, consider eating slices of cucumber.

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Say ‘No’ to Cheese

Do you want to feel light and stealth during your yoga practice session? Then, you should say no to cheese before yoga. Because, this is going to be high in fat and eventually turns it into a food that is slow digest.

Meat and Fish

Similar to cheese, meat and fish are also high in fat and takes time to get through your digestive system. As a result, you will feel heavy and sluggish on the mat. Try having rice crackers or apple slices in lieu to meat.

Oily Dressings and Sauces

Did you know seemingly healthy foods such as salad dressing, dips, hummus and sauces have a lot of hidden oils and fats? Taking in these foods before your yoga session, will sit idle in your belly for a long time.

To get your hunger satisfied, choose fresh, seasonal low-sugar fruits.

Other food items that you should avoid before yoga class include avocados, spicy or pungent foods, three bean salad, diet soda, ice cream, and more. To know more about the diet you should follow while enrolling yoga teacher training courses, visit https://theyogahouse.com.au/ now.

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