You do not have to suffer from Anxiety and Panic Attacks anymore. I will unveil the true causes of Panic and Anxiety Attacks as well as something that can eliminate forever.

By | June 14, 2016

The main causes of anxiety, fear, and panic attacks are chemical imbalance in the human body, genetic and early learning, and the response mechanism that human beings have to the very same experiences that potentially cause panic attacks and anxiety. We’re going to discuss each one in more detail and discuss the underlying cause of it all.

Anxiety and panic attacks all have some type of origin, and chemical imbalance in human beings is a good place to look. When that chemical imbalance is great in an individual, the nerves tend to be off whack and the body experiences many moments of stress, depression, and anxiety. Anxiety therapy has been looked at as a potential cure for people who are desperate to fix their anxiety disorder. The only challenge with that approach is it can cost you 1000’s of dollar in fees and it’s not always the permanent fix. Plus it can take several months for the therapy to take effect.

Genetic and childhood learning is another cause of anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety disorder has a tendency to run in families where the mom and dad got such traits from their parents. Regardless of it being genetic or societal learning, these traits get passed on to the next generation and the next until the early learning cycle experiences some sort of break in it. That very same child will then go through life thinking the behavior of its parents is normal and thus will adapt those very same traits. That then becomes the genetic make up of that child.

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A child’s mind is like a open box waiting to be filled up with stuff. If that child grows up in a disruptive or dysfunctional household, that box will fill up with anxiety and potentially panic attacks…especially if that child already has a chemical imbalance. The child learns these ways of being and goes through life being that way in any circumstance that conjures up anxiety and panic attacks.

As discussed, that chemical imblance truly plays a role in the genetic transfer from a parent to a child. The more imbalance there is with the body, the greater the likelihood that very same chemical imbalance will get passed on to that child.

This other cause of fear and anxiety is the response mechanism to the expectation of something that may happen in the near future. This is in fact the underlying and surface level cause that most people can relate to. When a human being senses danger whether it is real or not, the body will prepare itself to fight, run, or brace itself for the experience it is about to endure. These dangers can include a burglar, a robber with a gun, and all the way down to giving a speech, taking a test, or being in social settings. Even though these bodily responses are a good thing given it keeps our senses up and aware, many times it causes human beings to not be powerful or courageous in the face of things that cause the anxiety and panic attacks. These responses conjure up memories of when the human being was not powerful and experienced fear for the first time or when that panic attack came. Overtime, it becomes an endless cycle of experiencing the panic attacks or anxiety when a similar situation comes about. That cycle will continue to occur until something or breaks the pattern and those experiences don’t re-occur as fearful.

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Chemical imbalance is a human being’s make up and cannot just disappear. Nor will anxiety medication have the impact people initially think it will have. It becomes an addictive treatment and something to cope with. However that anxiety treatment can be costly as well and take time. You want a natural treatment that can ease your fears, not a crutch you have to rely on forever.

There are repetitive exercises you can do and several doctors have come up with innovative techniques that have had lasting effects on millions of people experiencing panic attacks and anxiety. It is not difficult to re-teach the brain if you have a plan to do so. If you combine that with the repetition of actually placing yourself in the things you actually fear, you then have a powerful combination that will over a short period eliminate any fear and anxiety you may have. I hope this has been helpful and of use to you. I too suffered from panic attacks and anxiety until I found this amazing anxiety treatment.

I wanted to add in this random tip which is an oldie but a goodie and important technique. It’s called deep breathing. When that next anxiety or panic attack comes, remember to slow down and take deep breaths. This will slow down your heart rate and get to think a little more clearly.

I hope this has been of use to you. Understanding the causes and origins of anxiety and panic attacks can make all the difference in the world to you being on your way to getting rid of it. Please feel free to read my story of my lifelong struggle.

Sandy Ethridge went through life in search of a real and natural treatment to her anxiety. Sandy suffered from it from her teens all the way to her 30’s. Sandy later discovered the person natural Anxiety Treatment , and has committed herself to telling anxiety and panic attack sufferers her story with people. Discover the natural anxiety treatment that cured her at

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