Is klonopin used to treat pain of shingles

By | 05.04.2018

is klonopin used to treat pain of shingles

An Arsenel Of Supplies For Shingles ~ Post Herpetic Neuralgia ~~~Nancy

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  1. Kitaxe

    I've been on 2mg twice a day for over 14 years now. My dosage has never gone up and I feel it really helps keep my panic disorder in check. Sometimes I skip a dose and don't even notice it. I have had trouble with doctors wanting to take me off the medication and essentially play with my medications. However, my response is always "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I do recommend that anyone that is on this medication have a physician to monitor you on a regular basis. If you find yourself taking more than prescribed, please notify your doctor.

  2. Nadezhda

    I worried constantly about everything and had panic attacks, also could not shut my mind off to get to sleep. My doctor started me on a very small dose of Klonopin, and immediately it changed everything. I feel normal. I can sleep. No more panic attacks. I can think about my upcoming cancer operation without the fear I used to have. I can think and act rationally now without it having affected me or my personality at all. I don't feel tired or "druggy", I just feel more in control of my emotions and thoughts now. Some people have side affects, but I haven't experienced any at all. If you are having panic attacks, don't be afraid to let your doctor prescribe it for you. For me, it's been a wonderful drug that has allowed me to face life with more confidence and less upset.

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