Critical Safety Precautions Before Erecting an Aluminum Tower

By | March 8, 2018

Here are some critical checks you will need to make before you mount an aluminum tower:

Make an incisive check for the condition of components.
Before setting up the tower for erection, make a series of checks on the various components of the aluminum tower.
Check for loose joints; cuts and other sorts of damage that must have happened while mobilization and transportation.
Check the ground you are going to keep the tower on and check to see if it isn’t in the way of people, vehicles or to see if it isn’t an obstruction of any sort.
How are those Wheels?

The little wheels at the base of the aluminum tower make it easy to be hauled around. However, before you mount it or erect it for use, you must check to see the castor of wheels. The castor is what makes the wheels swing, swivel and allow you to move the tower in any manner you want. But then, if the castor isn’t right, it might swing under your weight as you mount the tower.  Also check to see if the wheel and its casing aren’t damaged.

Do you have adjustable legs on your aluminum Tower?

If your aluminum tower has adjustable legs that can be retracted and extended when required these have to be checked too. The adjustable legs of an aluminum tower are operated like a screw and the legs would have threads on them. These threads have to be checked for damage. See that there is no dirt on them and remove any other object that must have got wedged in between those threads.

Check for the frames, platforms, etc

The frames of your aluminum tower take up tremendous loads while you mount and dismount. Before mounting on the tower, you must check for any signs of bending, damage and inconsistencies of any kind. The reason why this is so important is because the initial occurrences of bending or not immediately visible to the naked eye, unless you peer close and take notice. The frames should also be free of any foreign material like concrete and the like. The platform must not be bent and if there are wooden boards or plywood boards, these must be checked for cracks or signs of damage too.

Keep your eyes and ears open

Your aluminum tower can only take so much weight. Ascertain your weight or the weight of anyone who might mount the tower. Take wind loads, the weight of tools (if any) into account and keep your eyes peeled while you pay attention to the slightest sounds of creaking. These are all signs that your aluminum tower can’t take more than what you are dumping on it.

Apart from all the above mentioned mandatory checks, it is very crucial to think about the stability of the aluminum tower. Ensure that erect and mount the tower only on firm ground like that made of concrete, for example. If you have to use your tower on soft, uneven or sloping surfaces, you must prop the base of the tower with appropriate boards and supports firmly fixed to the aluminum tower.

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