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Swallowing this colonoscopy-like bacteria grabber could reveal secrets about your health

Your gut bacteria could say a lot about you, such as why you’re diabetic or how you respond to certain drugs. But scientists can see only so much of the gastrointestinal tract to study the role of gut bacteria in your health. What comes out of you is just a small sample of these bacteria,… Read More »

Be vigilant about bug spray

Ticks and mosquitoes don’t care about COVID-19 safety protocols. They don’t care that people are trying to squeeze out the last moments of this restrictive summer by getting outdoors, hiking, or just sitting on their decks at night and feeling something that’s close to normal. COVID-19 has commanded our attention and caused people to adapt… Read More »

About three-quarters of voters support mask orders punishable by fines or jail: Poll

Support for statewide mask mandates crosses political affiliation, according to a new poll. The Politico/Morning Consult survey was released on Wednesday and found that 53% of registered voters “strongly” support states issuing orders that require face masks to be worn in public under penalty of fine or jail time. The number of those in support… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy

Everything You Need to Know About Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy Everything You Need to Know About Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy : Amidst the massive spread of COVID-19 in India, taking a health insurance policy has never been more important. In order to address these issues and make insurance policies cheaper during the time of… Read More »

What lockdown has taught us about loneliness

‘In 1951, friendless and isolated at college, Sylvia Plath described her loneliness as a “contagion”, “like a disease of the blood”. Almost 70 years on, a different type of contagion has for months separated us all from each other; as restrictions slowly lift and we tentatively begin to re-engage, we have had to confront our… Read More »

Over 50% Of People Say Women’s Intimate Experiences Aren’t Talked About Openly, Finds Study

Woman In Pain While Sleeping On Bed At Home Getty It’s estimated that around the world 800 million people menstruate daily. Just under half of the world’s population identifies as female and with that comes unique experiences like menopause. While conversations about health have opened up over the last decade, there’s still a stigma attached… Read More »