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Notre Dame Cancels In-Person Classes: Here Are The Latest College Coronavirus Updates

TOPLINE A number of institutions of higher learning are already dealing with dangerous and disruptive coronavirus outbreaks shortly after reopening for in-person classes, with two large universities abruptly switching to remote learning this week. Campus scene University of Notre Dame in South Bend Indiana. (Photo by: Don & Melinda … [+] Crawford/Education Images/Universal Images Group… Read More »

5G is here: how health systems can capitalize on the new cellular standard

Rollout of 5G technology across the U.S. has begun in earnest. The cellular standard is already working in many major cities, and if isn’t yet up and running in your hospital’s hometown, it probably will be soon. 5G, especially when working as part of edge computing strategy, has some key advantages – low latency, reliability… Read More »