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The Measles Outbreak Europe 2020 – Things You Need To Know

Measles is one of the infectious diseases that’s been causing health troubles for many nations including Europe. In 2019, the World Health Organization[1] announced significantly high measles cases reported in 42 countries of the European region. The worst cases number is 13 measles-related deaths in 3 countries, Romania, Albania, and Ukraine, with the latter having… Read More »

Shop at centre of outbreak failed clean

A butcher at the centre of Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre outbreak had to undergo two deep cleans after the first did not meet Department of Health standards. The Butcher Club owner Peter Robinson told NCA NewsWire surfaces were left unclean after Spotless conducted a deep clean on September 29, following the store manager testing positive… Read More »

Japanese researchers confirm coronavirus testing in sewers as possible outbreak warning system

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese researchers confirmed the presence of the coronavirus in wastewater plants, a finding that could serve as a signal for future outbreaks. The study tested water from four treatment plants in Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures in western Japan. Out of 27 samples, 7 were positive for the SARS-CoV2 virus, according to a… Read More »

What’s new in the China virus outbreak

Here’s what’s new in the outbreak linked to an emerging virus in China By The Associated Press January 26, 2020, 4:00 PM 2 min read Almost 2,000 cases of a new viral respiratory illness have been confirmed since an outbreak began last month in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Scientists have identified the illness as… Read More »