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A physician’s search for meaning

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question always confounded me when people would ask me this as a child. What is this “growing up” you speak of? And why do I have to be something? I’m so content with my LEGOs, books, and video games. I was born in the… Read More »

Please don’t make physicians choose

I took an oath when I graduated from medical school. The ancient, powerful words of the Hippocratic Oath are seared into the brain of every physician: “First, do no harm.” I, along with every physician who has come before me, hold myself to that standard. Every time I go to work, my goal is to… Read More »

What Chernobyl can teach physicians about avoiding medical errors

I recently started watching the HBO series Chernobyl, chronicling the events surrounding the 1986 disaster. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet—I’d highly recommend this excellent production (It’s already deservedly won multiple awards). The great thing about TV like this, which documents real-life events (and I’d put another HBO series John Adams in the same… Read More »

AHIP wants more oversight over consolidation of hospitals and physicians

A major cause of rising healthcare costs is vertical consolidation among providers, the America’s Health Insurance Plans told a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee by statement. When more and more of a region’s doctors and medical experts work for the same hospital or health system, the price for services provided by the acquired physicians increase by an… Read More »