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By | December 21, 2015

Apple’s android is the new technology sensation in the market. It comes at unbelievably small sizes for the kind of features that are built into it. It wins against all other devices in terms of weight and size and also catches up in speed of the unit and additional add-ons like cameras.

In terms of memory capacity, the android tablet offers huge inbuilt memory and also offers the much needed option of expanding memory through the use of micro SD cards.

Some distinct advantages that an android tablet offers over the other devices in the market and other apple products are listed below

Widgets – They are a powerful difference when compared to other devices. This is present through the full range of android tablet irrespective of the model that you purchase. Instead of the boring list of icons that are present, these widgets come in very trendy designs and let you navigate through your inbox, thumb through your calendar entries, flip through the latest news stories, all these without even opening a single thing. This application helps you to run through your daily tasks at a glance without wasting time opening every application and closing it.

Notifications – When you are working on a particular application and do not wish to be disturbed in the middle, this is the perfect device for you. Whenever you get an email, the android tablet flashes the information at the bottom with options asking you what is to be done with it. You may choose to ignore the same, continue with your work and get back or attend to it based on the importance.

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Voice commands and translations – Thanks to Google’s voice-to-text technology, android tablet is fully equipped to encode your voice and convert it to text. Whenever you want to write something, you can speak the same to have it in text form. There are customizable advanced features like conducting searches and making notes which would help you like your secretary in work.

Multi-tasking – While multi-tasking is mostly about performing two or more tasks at the same time, unlike other devices, the android tablet offers multi-tasking capabilities in its fullest form. Anything can be opened at anytime anywhere in your android tablet.

Full access to files – There is complete flexibility to navigate through the files in an android tablet. You can plug it on to a PC and access it as if it were an external hard drive. You could drag and drop files, create folders and do all sorts of stuff as you do with your laptop and pen drive.

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