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Such augmentation surgery hardly takes more than an hour when it comes only to placing the agreed implants in the agreed places, and no additional breast reconstruction or uplifting is required. The additional procedures will have the entire intervention time last a little longer. It is also successfully carried out within one day of hospitalization. But this is only because our technology dominated era has also determined surgery to make significant advance. In other words, short does not mean simple, but high tech and high tech cannot come that cheap.

Think of the top fashion clothing items. They come at a price because they have been individually designed, and manufactured with a lot of care from fabrics that have been researched by entire teams of chemists, then woven manually, then died manually and individually. In two words only, they are high tech and customized, and that is why they cost a lot. Now, if someone sells you top fashion identical clothing at a very low price. How much would you expect the fake to last?

You must think about breast enhancement in the same way. Do you really think that all the research needed to create implants that your body almost certainly will not reject really was cheap? Again, with all researched materials that are being used heavily copyrighted, do you think the cheap ones are very much more than ordinary rubber, water, lube and some cheap paint. Any surgeon who wants to do this kind of enlargement needs to study implantology besides specializing in surgery. Do you expect young and smiling surgeons to have completed such long-term studies?   

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Some of the risks of having a boob job done are just a list of common risks that you have to face with any minor surgical intervention, including a more complex tooth extraction. Some of them are the general risks that he risks you face because of the anesthetics. Again, some of them are the risks you face when you get your boobs done by a cheap surgeon.

Apart from that, there are only several specific risks that are very real and that you need to be thoroughly informed about, by your trustworthy surgeon and all their co-workers. That is, if you are not willing to have your boob job done just at any price.

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