Ese 40’z – Psych Meds

By | December 8, 2015

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Artist: Ese 40’z
Song: Psych Meds
Album: Life Of Madness
Year: 2011


“Psych Meds”

(Ese 40’z Intro)
What’s crackin people? Ese 40’z right here had to jump on one of them
tunes, I forgot to take my psych meds. So I’m a make a shoutout to all
the fuckin psychos all the loony toons out there. What up ya fuckin
bunch of maniacs? Check my track…

(Ese 40’z Verse One)
It’s the skitzo, maniac Abilify the cipher
my mind’s playing tricks listen to these flows I write ya
my sickness, my mentals I write em down and share it all
staring out the window stopped taking my Risperdal
jumpin off the walls I need to fucking calm down
Thorazine up in a shot put the laughter in this clown
nauseous from humanity, Seroquel fantasies
vomit exorcist like I just ate a can of peas
it’s good and cold outside so I throw on my Depakote
on so much meds every fuckin time I step I float
charged up, like a battery on Lithium
bi-polar caps melt down when I’m spittin em
gettin em from the depths of my in comatose
medicated visions caffeine boost from that aroma roast
Fuck it, why go to sleep?
insomnia, anxiety aint’ got no need to tweek
I got my own chemicals imbalanced in my brain
mixed with a lot of liquor and a dose of Mary Jane
I’m a motherfucking rocket power surge out the socket
turn out your lights if you’re coming out of pocket
Who the fuck let the cannons loose? I’m a loose cannon…
poppin through the ghetto jungle juice that I’m slammin

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(Ese 40’z Chorus) 2X
I got a get high cuz the psych meds ain’t enough
no they ain’t worth a fuck
and I get drunk every time it’s the first of the month
I got a get that paper

(Ese 40’z Verse Two)
I’ll never hear the bells if you leave me empty shells
just a box of magnum rounds leave em cursed like evil spells
what the fuck wait a minute I think I feel a split
personality coming on I take another hit
I don’t need no Zyprexa cuz that’ll get me gone again
pass me the rest a that bottle of Klonopin
fuck….. I’m feeling kinda multiple
fraction of myself so I go and catapult a flow
“Man I don’t know about you but I’m feeling kind of fucking out of it.”
“Yeah I’m pretty fucked up too man.”
“My fucking psych meds..bitch, fuck it.”
“Nah you don’t need no psych meds there buddy.”
“Just, just smoke that joint.”
“That’s why I gotta smoke this fucking green.”
I talk to the mic yeah that’s what I do
fly, flying mental kites with my bud and my brew
hit the zoo, kinda like a mushroom high
pink elephant status psychedelic tie dye
so fuck the world I’m yellin F.T. Waterfalls
acid on the blotter nuff to trip Harry Potter’s balls
I have to sit down let the high fade and shroom a bit
hearing colors seeing noises like a fucking lunatic
my mind is concrete and I’m breakin through the cement
dropping flows to bomb beats I think I need some shock treatment
“Damn, I’m fucking tripping. Aye Yie Yie.”
I grab the S.S.I. papers for the crazies and I file em
so many wicked thoughts that I belong in an asylum
insane, to the mothafuckin cerebellum
suggestions, give me more money’s what I tell em
so I could buy more green and I could buy more liquor
and little Bic Lighters spark and make the flame flicker
fuck crack cuz I got my Medicaid card
ready for my psych meds up in my head I stay scarred

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(Ese 40’z Chorus) 2X
I got a get high cuz the psych meds ain’t enough
no they ain’t worth a fuck
and I get drunk every time it’s the first of the month
I got a get that paper
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