K-fit Kegel Toner Male Adaptor, Electric

By | February 3, 2018
K-fit Kegel Toner Male Adaptor, Electric

The K-fit Male Adaptor must be attached to an EMS or TENS device to activate and is designed for use with the K-fit Kegel Toner. Our adaptor’s conductive plates are made of surgical grade stainless steel and are considered nickle-free. The probe is just 1/2 an inch in diameter around the shaft and 3/4 of an inch at its widest point and is approximately 3 inches long. Please use caution when attaching to a device not intended for pelvic floor work. Use a generous amount of water-based lubricant to ensure proper conductivity, and wash your probe after each use with a mild hand soap. You may also wipe the probe with a disinfectant wipe that is safe for application to the skin, such as rubbing alcohol. Be certain not to bend the wires during use, as this can cause internal breakage. Never submerge the wires in water. When inserting, press the probe until it pops past resistance, then give a gentle tug to seat the probe. Adjust the flange at the base to prevent the probe from slipping deeper during use. If the sensation is unpleasant, you may need to insert your probe more deeply. Adjust the flange accordingly.

  • Stimulates the Perfect Kegel for a Strong Pelvic Floor
  • Helps Strength training
  • Increases Blood-Flow to the Pelvic Region
  • Tones the Puborectalis Muscle Which Controls Fecal and Gas Retention
  • Works with Rectocele and Prolapse

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