Magicfly Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Case, FDA Approved, Heart Zone Guidance and Irregular Heartbeat Detector, 90 Memory Capacity ,Two User Modes

By | September 21, 2016
Magicfly Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Case, FDA Approved, Heart Zone Guidance and Irregular Heartbeat Detector, 90 Memory Capacity ,Two User Modes

What is it?
The Magicfly Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a useful product for all ages except children to measure their blood pressure and pulse rate themselves simply and quickly. The unit is compact and easy to use, adopts the oscillometric principle. The device uses its advanced “intellisence” for comfortable controlled inflation without the need of pressure presetting or reinflation. This unit has blood classification index, could easy to check your blood pressure.

LCD size:1.85” *1.54” (H46*W38mm)
Unit size: L2.95”*W2.56”*H2.56″ (L73*W65*H65mm)
Storage Memory: 2 x 90 sets
Measuring Accuracy: Pressure: ±3mmHg
Pulse: ±5{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b} of reading
Measuring Range: Pressure: 0 to 299 mmHg
Pulse: 40 to 199 pulses/min
Automatic Power-Off: Approx. 3 minutes
Operating Environment: +5℃ to +40℃ 15{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b}-85{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b}RH
Storage Environment: -20℃ to +55℃ 10{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b}-85{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b}
Power Source: 2 AAA Alkaline batteries

Using Step:
1. Wrap thestrap around left wrist, keep LCD upside and 1 cm below the wrist joint.
2. Sit up in a chair and relax, keep the monitor same level with your heart to nsure correct measurement.
3. Press the START/STOP button and the monitor will start to measure automatically. Pls keep still until the measure ment finished.

Package included:
1* Magicfly Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
1* specification
1* PVC box
1* clean cloth
1. DO NOT use the cellular phone near the unit. It may result in operation failure.
2. DO NOT use the equipment where flammable gas or flammable liquid are present.
3. Take off the battery if you won’t use in 3months.

  • Double Users and LCD display: 2 x 90 sets memory function, all measurements result, date, and time will be displayed in the liqud crystal LCD display, Easy to read,and automatically stored.
  • HOW TO USE: The POSITION of where to wrap the item is very important, this will effect the ACCURACY of the reading. Please refer to the SECOND picture of how to use.
  • Press the M button when power off, the latest 3 times average value will be shown, press the M button again to show the lasts memory, press the S button to show the oldest memory.
  • Simultaneous readout of systolic/diastolic pressure, pulse rate and irregular heartbeat detection according to WHO and IHB index, which is accurate with pressure is less than 3mmHg and pulse is less than 5{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b} of reading.
  • Auto-Display and Auto power off when no operations for 1 minute with lower power consumption. Small size, easy to carry, suitable for health care (medical field, families, and adults), quality-assured, FDA approved.
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