Maladies that Affect Your Sleep

By | July 23, 2016

When it comes to getting sufficient rest in the night, you might be surprised to know that not every American does. For example, consider the following statistics released in 2012 based on surveys. The National Sleep Foundation, the National Department of Transportation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted these surveys.

* 40 million people suffer from a chronic sleeping disorder
* US employers suffer productivity losses worth $ 18 billion on account of sleep loss issues faced by their employees
* 5{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b} of people in the US suffer from sleep apnea
* In terms of numbers, the people impacted by sleep disorders amounts to:
o 70 million – suffering from insomnia
o 20 million – suffering from restless leg syndrome
o 18 million – suffering from sleep apnea
o 0.2 million – suffering from narcolepsy

A look at these numbers indicates the extent to which Sleep Disorders Los Angeles have become a part of our lives. Various factors contribute to the prevalence of sleep disorders. These include:

* Physical – caused by some physical condition i.e. ulcers
* Psychiatric – caused by emotional stress or turmoil i.e. anxiety, depression etc.
* Medical – caused by a medical ailment or condition i.e. asthma, breathing problems etc.
Other factors too, play a role in the increasing number of sleep disorders. These can be:
* Aging – caused by medications taken by the elderly or even because of the natural process of increasing in years.
* Medicines – brought on because of side effects associated with medicines. These medicines could range from antidepressants, blood pressure pills or even tablets to cure the common cold.
* Genetics – could be a cause for narcolepsy. Researchers have found a link, which points to narcolepsy as being a genetic disorder.
* Lifestyle – changes could result in sleep disorders such as working in night shifts. When your lifestyle goes against the biological clock, you become more susceptible to such problems.

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Dr. Ronald Popper founded the Southern California Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Medical Center in 1984. He has earned recognition as a pioneer in the field of sleep medicine. His efforts led to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine granting accreditation to the Center. Since 1984, patients have flocked to the Centre seeking treatment of various sleep disorders. These include restless limb syndrome, insomnia and parasomnias. The Center even provides Sleep Apnea Treatment Los Angeles. Given their experience in the field, you must consider visiting the Center if you suffer from a sleep disorder. Their care and medication could well help you rest assured.

Loud snoring, morning headache, difficulty staying asleep, awakening with dry mouth or sore throat are the symptoms of Obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep Disorders Los Angeles Clinic has the perfect solution of this problem.

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