New Civil & Corporate Security DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) instant multiple uploads

By | November 3, 2018

Seamlessly transforming recruitment information to DBS data

(UK, AMERSHAM, 02/11/2018) Civil & Corporate Security Ltd, the UK’s leader in Disclosure & Barring (DBS) services, today announced a revolution for multiple personal data sets to be uploaded directly to the C&C system.

No more adding just one application at a time. Using a pre-formatted spreadsheet template, simply copy in-house data and upload…instantly!

Jackie Thompson, Director of Civil & Corporate Security Ltd stated: ‘This is Tesla, Dyson and Amazon combined! Such innovation and technology has utterly transformed HR divisions where hours are now seconds. This allows teams to devote more of their time to our applicants rather than duplicating data. It also minimizes errors and speeds up the entire process…utterly amazing! Civil and Corporate are already incredibly fast but this is supersonic now.

By merging the two technologies in an entirely new way, we have modified the DBS experience, especially for our larger clients, allowing HR personnel to easily deal with safeguarding extremely quickly en masse, rather than separate applications. I am extremely proud of our IT team which has worked tirelessly to add this to our portfolio of instant services. Protecting the vulnerable is why we have been an Umbrella Body since the inception of the CRB/DBS in 2002 and we have strived to be the fastest provider for our clients. This has never faltered and, now, hypersonic speed is an absolute game changer. Our customers cannot believe how simple and rapid this is and can only serve to enhance the DBS process for everyone.’

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The Multi-Upload facility is a formatted, Civil & Corporate Security template, able to be populated with applicant data from any other source and uploaded directly to the DBS system, creating individual applications as if entered separately.

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Civil & Corporate Security Ltd:
Civil & Corporate Security Ltd was established as an Umbrella Body at the inception of the CRB, now DBS, in 2002. Now the forefront of service standards submitting over 500,000 criminal record checks annually to the DBS, Access NI and Disclosure Scotland. Civil & Corporate Security Ltd is spearheading the digital technology with innovative methods of delivering the fastest DBS checking service.

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