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The Hidden Health Danger of Using Mouthwash

You might want to reconsider your morning swish. ewapee/Shutterstock Taking care of your mouth is important not just for shiny teeth but for your overall health. Gum disease has been linked to Alzheimer’s and heart disease. But that swig of mouthwash may not be helping. Researchers recently discovered that using mouthwash could actually increase your… Read More »

Mentally ill ‘spend months on hidden waiting list’

Media playback is unsupported on your device Patients with mental illnesses are left languishing for months on “hidden” waiting lists by England’s NHS talking therapy service, the BBC can reveal. The service – called Improving Access to Psychological Therapies – provides therapy, such as counselling, to adults with conditions like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and… Read More »

A Hidden Cancer Could Have Killed Me—If It Wasn’t for This Routine Test

Jen BabakhanDec 07 Jim O’Connell prides himself on being health conscious in every way, so when he received a prostate cancer diagnosis—and the news that it was aggressive—he was shocked Courtesy Jim O’ConnellWhen Jim O’Connell moved to New York City in 1997, he signed up with a new doctor who ordered a basic panel of… Read More »

Hidden Health Hazards

You eat a balanced meal, 3 times a day. You lead an active lifestyle by playing sports and exercising regularly. You don’t have bad personal habits such as drinking or smoking. You have a fulfilling career and family life with no more stress than the average person. Could be the perfect recipe for a long… Read More »

Sudden Death—The Hidden Enemy Documentary—Chapter 9

Of all the horrific side effects of psychiatric drugs, perhaps the most devastating is sudden death caused by drug toxicity. One common and sometimes deadly drug combination is prescribed by psychiatrists to our troops includes Seroquel, an antipsychotic; Paxil, an antidepressant; and Klonopin, an anti-anxiety medication. Seroquel, known by soldiers and “Serokill,” has been implicated… Read More »