The Negative Effects Of A Pain Reliever To Be Considered

By | August 21, 2016

Pain killer is a type of a medicine that can manage moderate to severe pain. This medicine is usually recommended by medical professionals following operation to reduce pain. The most common pain killer medicine is known as percocet. It contains combination of acetaminophen and Oxycodone. This medicine is considered as very addictive and usually available in pill, capsule and syrup. People who are hooked to this drug have the ability to get more medicine prescription to sustain their needs. The normal dosage of percocet is just one tablet every six hours when there is pain. It is not best to take this pill more than two weeks or else it can already lead to drug dependency.

Continuing use of percocet can trigger the function of the brain for cravings and the person commonly finds a mean on how to obtain the pill after the pain treatments. The percocet side effects and symptoms are tremendous and the users enjoy its side effects like euphoric feelings. Once the users stop using the medicine, their emotional behavior and feelings change that leads to unhappiness, and they emphasize their attention on obtaining a lot more of the pill for usage. This kind of drug addiction is very unhealthy that could end up in serious forms of disorder later.

The bad effects of percocet to look out for include daily dependency to the medicine, reduced consciousness, physical addiction, unable to breath and unhappiness. Due to reduce of awareness, a person could not think reasonably and is not aware of the issues near him. Percocet addiction may lead to unusual action and misunderstanding of feelings.

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Even though this type of drug is recommended by health professionals following operation to treat pain, the results may already be observed and felt by the affected individual after taking this pill. The affected person may experience skin rashes, nausea, dizziness, bowel problems and dry mouth. Extended users of this pill may feel more severe kinds of complications like kidney failure, lower testosterone levels, liver damage, respiratory disease and seizures. Other people may also encounter unconsciousness that can cause death soon. It is essential to familiarize yourself about the complications of percocet in treating pain to avoid drug addiction. The most important thing that a person should know to avoid this kind of drug abuse is to comply with the medication of the doctor. By following the right prescription of the physician regarding pain, drug addiction can be prevented.

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