What Women Want in a Man

By | April 5, 2018

What women want in a man may be radically different from what you’ve been raised to believe.

A lot of men have been raised by their mothers to treat women “nice”, to suck up to them, and to do everything the woman wants them to do. The reality of what women want in a man is quite different.

This may even be what women will tell you. But what they TELL you what women want in a man and what they ACTUALLY want is quite different. Think about this:

If that is what women want in a man, then why do women find bad boys attractive?

This is how my mentor put it to me. The rock band, Motley Crue, is notorious for dating some of the hottest women on the planet. These guys abused drugs, drink, and women.

But yet the ladies loved these guys. Was it their fame and money? No, because these women were also rich and famous. Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, for example.

The simple fact is they made the women FEEL things. They felt emotion and excitement. Even if that emotion was negative emotion, it was still emotion.

The wussy I described earlier make women feel nothing, except boredom. Not what women want in a man.

I’m not saying you have to be abusive here. The attractive qualities of these bad boys are a by-product of their nature. You can attract tons of hot women if you take what works for these guys and leave out the bad parts.

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The following traits are what women want in a man;

Independence – A guy who wants her, but doesn’t NEED her, is the ultimate aphrodisiac to a woman. If a guy crowds a woman too much, or clearly demonstrates how attracted he is to her, the chase is over.

Focused – A guy who has his life together is also what women want in a man. Someone who has a goal and a passion and goes after it no matter what. Personally, mine is women. I love psychology and such, but only because it helps me with women. I love learning about how to be financially successful, but only because it helps with women.

If you can follow your passion without letting a woman derail you from it, or without letting distractions get to you, you will naturally become more attractive.

In Control – I don’t mean that you have to be a control freak. Someone who is in control of themselves is a leader. A man who people follow. A man who knows what to do in every situation. A man who doesn’t get upset. Someone who isn’t jealous and insecure.

All of these qualities communicate that you’re someone she can trust and follow.

Confident – A man who has self respect for himself and doesn’t tolerate second class behavior from himself or others is attractive. Don’t be arrogant. A man who strongly believes what he says and does and never apologizes for himself is attractive.

I realize some of this stuff may sound pretty out there to you, but remember that if you’re a guy, this stuff won’t NATURALLY make sense to you. Being a nice guy is the logical thing.

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It’s logical that sending a girl flowers all the time, buying her dinner, obsessing over her should be what women want in a man.

But really, it isn’t.

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