Why You Need To Understand The Common Anxiety Types

By | April 21, 2016

Why it is Vital to Learn the Comon Anxiety Types

Learning what type of anxiety you have is vital to discovering the right treatment options. There are many common types of anxiety, but if you don’t know which one best fits what you are going through, how will you ever be able to figure out how you need to handle your anxiety?

When you learn about your type of anxiety, you have power. Power to find others who are going through the same thing you are, and the power to take on your own research and not rely completely on your doctor’s advice for treatment.GAD – one of the most comon anxiety types

What does it mean to have GAD? GAD is also known as Generalized Anxiety Disorder. GAD is the most common anxiety type.

When someone with GAD becomes anxious, it will cause them to begin to lose sleep, go into depressions, have a change in eating habits, or even have anxiety attacks.

Someone suffering with GAD may only have a few ‘occasions’ of anxiety a month. But these bouts are severe and can leave the person feeling physically ill.

Some things like bills, money, job, relationships, etc. can cause severe anxiety in someone with GAD. While these things cause stress for almost everyone, a person dealing with general anxiety are not be able to stop thinking about these things. They will think about these things to the point that they cannot sleep, work, or function as they normally would.Common Types of Anxiety #2 – Chronic Anxiety

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Chronic anxiety is much more severe than general anxiety. Chronic anxiety doesn’t end and it does not go away. There are very few times in any given month when a person suffering from chronic anxiety will feel ‘well’ or ‘like their old self’. When dealing with chronic anxiety disorder, anxiety is almost unbearable.

With chronic anxiety. attacks are very common and vicious. A person with chronic anxiety typically has more than four attacks a month and likely has more than two attacks in any given week. There is almost no rest for a person with this common anxiety type.

Chronic anxiety is chronicled by numerous anxiety attacks, physical illness, and constant fear or anxiousness. A person with chronic anxiety will have numerous anxiety attacks in any given month, usually at least two per week.

Not surprisingly, many people with chronic anxiety find themselves becoming severely depressed and becoming less and less willing to be around others.

Chronic anxiety can become so stressful that you may develop social anxiety as well. The fear of having an anxiety attack around other people, or the fear of having an anxiety attack outside of the safety of the home can trigger social anxiety.Common Types of Anxiety #3 – Social Anxiety

If you are dealing with anxiety, chances are you are experiencing occurrences of as well. Social anxiety is commonly a secondary type of another anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety can be just as frustrating as the other forms of anxiety. Some people find themselves unable to work, drive, or even leave the house because their social anxiety is so great.

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It is not uncommon for someone who is dealing with anxiety or depression to become a little bit anti social. But if you are finding yourself missing work, canceling appointments, refusing to leave the house, or having physical anxiety attacks when you try to leave the house, then you may have social anxiety.Understanding what you are deling with is the first step to finding relief.

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