Alternative Ways To Treat Sleep Disorders

By | June 20, 2016

Sleep disorders can disrupt your day-to-day activities. Those who are deprived of their sleep feel completely sleepy and tired at all times. They get irritated easily and are recognized to be very emotional. Sleep disorders are dangerous not only to the individual who’s afflicted with it, and also to the those who have to live with this type of person.

Alternative methods, along with traditional medication, can be used to successfully control and manage this problem. Individuals who adopt an alternative method pay special focus on their dietary habits and include supplements and herbs in their diet. Others try exercise regimes, relaxation techniques, meditation or cognitive behavioral therapy. Many time, people suffering from sleep disorders get that a combination of a few of these techniques and methods could work wonders.

Diet If you eat healthy, you’ll like a high level of energy and a good night’s sleep. To maintain good health and a high energy level, you should eat many different healthy foods and drink lots of water. Sleep disorders is usually quite curable by eating certain types of foods that promote sleep. Serotonin is a natural sedative, that the body creates by using tryptophan, an amino acid. Eat food that is rich is tryptophan; for example, turkey, cheese, chicken, fish, milk, avocados, bananas, and cottage type cheese. If you eat tryptophan-rich food before going to sleep, you’ll be able to raise the level of serotonin in your body. At the same time, you should also avoid certain kinds of food that might not agree with you. Avoid processed foods and limit your consumption of caffeine and sugar.

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Herbs and Supplements Several people use supplements and herbs in a bid to eliminate sleep disorders. The market offers several herbs and food supplements. Before you purchase and use one, however, you should make a study of its effects on your body and whether it is efficient at curing a unique sleep disorders.

An example, restless leg syndrome, a sleep disorder, is caused by lack of folic acid or iron. If the patient takes an iron supplement, they can get rid of some or all symptoms of restless leg syndrome and enjoy a great nights sleep. Similarly, several herbs are known for their property of inducing natural sleep. Tea brewed out of a herb called chamomile or a lemon balm can unwind a person being affected by sleep disorders and enable them to take pleasure from a deep and relaxing sleep.

Exercise and Relaxation An effective exercise regime and a few relaxation techniques can alleviate the tension in your muscles and reduce stress. Many people have used these techniques minimize sleep disorders. Trying out specific way to relax just before you go to rest will not only relax the body, and also calm your mind and, thereby, help you sleep peacefully. Some popular relaxation techniques are progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, breathing exercises, and mindful exercises.

Meditation Many patients have also tried visualization and meditation with success. There are 2 varieties of meditation: mantra meditation and breath meditation. Both types meditation do a lot in calming your body and mind and relaxing your body. Some individuals also use visualization techniques use a healing effect on their mind and body.

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Sensory Techniques If you suffer from from a sleep disorder, you possibly can use a sensory technique such like aromatherapy and hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy provides the following effective techniques to help you banish a sleeping disorder: a footbath that stimulates lymph and an Epsom salt bath. Those who have taken refuge in aromatherapy can loosen off themselves and mind by utilizing essential oils in their bath water, massage oils, inhalants, and room sprays.

Therapy Behavioral and cognitive therapy may also be used to handle and control a sleep disorder. Therapy helps improve sleep patterns. Alternatively, you may also try stimulus control therapy and keeping a diary. Several individuals have claimed to obtain taken advantage of the use of alternative therapies, techniques, methods, and practices to eliminate a hard sleep disorder. Many times, alternative methods are utilized with traditional medication.

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