Disadvantages of Electronic Health Records System

By | April 13, 2018

Electronic health record system is definitely a better way to do store patient’s medical health records. It allows for accurate record keeping, increased level of healthcare and a reduction in malpractice insurance premiums. It involves doing away with the pen and paper system of keeping medical records and embracing the digitalizing of all information. Like every new thing, change is not always welcome. A few physicians are stuck in their ways and are not embracing this new system without a fight.

The good news is that you can work around disadvantages to turn them into positive territory or find a replacement. Some of the disadvantages include:-

Privacy Protection
There will always been privacy issues in the healthcare system on who has access to your medical records. With a pen and paper system, with the physical file located at a particular institution there is a limit to who can see your records. Even if there was a security breach and your information is not secured, it is only available to people in that proximity.

But in a situation where your information is sent to a centralized information repository in digital format, all bets are off. This privacy concern is a big issue with many people and will continue to be an issue until it is addressed for good.

Medical records synchronization

Until recently with centralized information repositories, individuals being treated at different facilities could not have their information updated at the same time which could lead to healthcare providers not having updated information when they become available. However, with centralized repositories this problem has been solved, but it has given rise to the above mentioned issue of data security and protection.

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High start up cost
There is a high start up cost when transforming a pen and paper system to EHR. Some physicians do not see any immediate benefit to their practice in the short run and drag their feet in implementing EHR.

Legal issues

Taking the healthcare industry to court has in the past few decades been a lucrative venture for attorneys trying to right the wrong done to a patient, whether by omission or commission.

Doctors are already practicing defensive medicine and electronic health record system brings a new potential avenue for litigation and revenue stream for lawyers. With a new system, anything can go wrong, the system could fail or the stored data stolen. Improper uses of collected information are all potential avenues for a law suit.

Gradually, electronic health record system is gaining traction. More and more doctors are embracing it, and depending on the part of the country you are looking at, conversion could be as high as 40% . With government involvement and the amount of resources it is investing, the time will come when digital medical record keeping will be the norm.

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