Electric Cigarette Safe Way To Quit Smoking

By | September 16, 2018

Cigarette smoking can cause grave injury to human health and therefore, the best alternative to such destructive cigarette is the electric cigarette. The higher regulatory bodies, such as Word Health Organization (WHO), advocate the use of such electric cigarettes against the regular ones.

Needless to say, tobacco has been held responsible for causing the disease of cancer in various forms. The damages resulting from the practice of smoking can have two set of adverse implications – passive smoking effects and active smoking implications. The latter is mainly responsible for causing bodily harm to the person smoking; the former also adversely affects people in immediate surroundings of the smoker. It is due to this reason that many entities from the corporate sector have dedicated smoking zones so that their employees can be prevented from adverse implications of passive smoking. The introduction of electric cigarette is a measure in this direction to restrict the tobacco usage in workplace.

It was in 1960s that E cig was patented for the first time. Its usage was very effective in replacing tobacco and paper burning with the liquid aerosol. This is the same liquid that is nicotine based and is used for converting into smoke. While the smoke is totally artificial, it gives the smoker the same kind of high found while smoking traditional cigarette. Their greatest contribution has been in curbing adverse health implications that was common with tobacco based cigarettes. WHO believes that the use of e-cig can also help in overcoming the urge of having a smoke every now and then, thereby, being the perfect aid to quit the harmful habit. They do not involve toxic smoke produced by traditional cigarettes and the device is very easy and simple to operate. These electric cigarettes contain a reservoir where the liquid is stored and comes with a plastic cartridge. A battery powered atomizer is put to use for vaporizing the nicotine.

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The Electric Cigarette has been the latest innovative discovery that aids in enhancing human life. Easy to carry and lightweight, they are presently found in affordable prices. They come in different sizes, qualities and flavours. They have also emerged as a great gift item to be given you friends and relatives who wish to quit smoking conventional tobacco based cigarettes. Buying in bulk is a viable alternative as it entitles you to gain from discounts. There are scores of online stores that are offering free shipment as well as a 24*7 form of customer support mechanism.

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