Fatty Liver Disease Diet – Simple Determination: Trying Out A Fatty Liver Disease Treatment

By | February 5, 2017

When I discovered about my fatty liver disease, or hepatic steatosis, I thought that there was no treatment that could aid. Fatty liver disease results from excessive fat (triglycerides) build up in the liver. If left untreated, this can lead to liver cancer, cirrhosis, and worst, liver failure. I was thus very eager to uncover if there was fatty liver disease treatment.

While some have stated that there is no fatty liver disease treatment, I still tried to research on it. I asked a few friends who were nurses to recommend some fatty liver disease treatment to me. The most common suggestion they explained was to read up more through an e-book by Dorothy Spencer, which I learned to be “Eliminating Hepatic Fat: The Fatty Liver Diet Guide and Factbook”. They said the book could shed certain light on possible fatty liver disease treatment.

On reading the book, I got to know more regarding the a number of functions of the liver and I also found out more about fatty liver disease, the two sorts of liver disease, and the causes behind fatty liver disease. Most importantly, I got to read Nurse Dorothy’s suggestions on fatty liver disease treatment which composed of regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Included in the fatty liver disease treatment, one’s diet must consist of the necessary vitamins and minerals in treating fatty liver. The fatty liver disease treatment diet plan consists of low fat or non-fat food, high fiber food, and complex carbohydrates. Nurse Dorothy gave a number of sample recipes and a one Week Diet Plan that was unquestionably beneficial!

Soon after a number of months, I had been feeling much better. I had to go back to the hospital for a set of tests and was amazed to find out that there had been improvements in my conditions. I guess my workout and my diet have been fantastic in my personal fatty liver disease treatment.

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