GE Healthcare’s New Revolution Apex CT with Deep Learning Image Reconstruction

By | December 1, 2018

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GE Healthcare unveiled a new CT scanner in its lineup of Revolution family of devices. The Revolution Apex device features the brand new Quantix 160 X-Ray tube and Deep Learning Imaging Reconstruction, a system built on GE’s Edison platform to produce “TrueFidelity” images in challenging cases.

GE believes it offers the “industry’s leading spatial resolution, temporal resolution, coverage and spectral capability” and that the new X-ray tube and underlying software will provide even better results.

The company says that the images have an improved, natural look that’s not so grainy, a high spatial resolution, and low contrast detectability. This allows entire organs to be imaged in high quality while seeing suspicious low contrast objects.

GE also provides five new CT Smart Subscription Packages for its scanners to improve their capabilities for specific applications:

• Reconstruction Package: Improves low-contrast detectability while reducing patient radiation dose and artifacts
• Image Quality Package: Offers exceptional image quality to reveal anatomic details obscured by metal artifacts and helps clinicians utilize CT scans and diagnose disease with greater confidence
• Cardiac Package: Increases reliability and repeatability of complex cardiac imaging procedures and readability of resulting images
• Neuro Package: Provides faster and more accurate assessments of stroke and head trauma
• Oncology Package: Delivers edge-to-edge image acquisition with virtually no blind spots

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