How I Reset, Recharged & Reinvigorated in 7 Days

By | March 1, 2021

I did my first 7-Day Reset on Jan. 4th. It had been a long time coming. I had felt really good during the initial Stay at Home Order in March, and continued to work out daily, eat healthy and drink in moderation until May. And then I just hit a wall. Like, a really BIG wall. One that spanned June-Jan, if I’m being honest.

A cross-country move in a pandemic was certainly no picnic, then attempting to find a rhythm in a new city (Chicago), handling severe weather changes and then the holiday season really just had me investing my time and energy into all the things that did NOT serve me.

So, after the New Year, I knew I was ready for a change.

I felt like 7 days was the perfect amount of time.  The program was so accessible, and just made each day feel easy.

I knew I wanted to eliminate alcohol for the 7 days and minimize my sugar intake (both had gotten way out of control)! I went into this Reset with those 2 main goals.

I started each day with the 5-minute meditation with Coach Nikki. I would wake up, start my French press, and while it was percolating, do my meditation in my dark and quiet living room.

This helped me set my intentions for the day, and bolster my spirits.

On average, I eat clean during the day (smoothie post-workout and a big veggie-focused lunch), but we all know what happens after 5pm. I was usually exhausted, and was SO TIRED of cooking after months and months of at-home meals.

So I had started Hello Fresh, a meal delivery service that isn’t the most healthy option (every meal included sour cream packets, and lots of carrots. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against carrots, but EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL. YEESH.)

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This Reset forced me to go back to the grocery store, shop for ingredients, and mindfully prepare meals for dinner. It was actually so nice to get back into the kitchen, and make wholesome meals with tons of veggies. And I felt great too!

I started sleeping better, and waking up before my alarm.

This is HUGE for me. That’s how I know I’m performing optimally-when I wake up prior to my alarm, gradually and without that sudden jolt of frantic energy.

After the 7-Days, I’ve stayed committed to moderating my alcohol and sugar intake, and focusing on how I’m fueling my body, rather than what’s convenient.

If you’re ready to Restart, just click here for your 7-Day E-book, or check out the location nearest you. It’s totally worth it!

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