Medicine to Prevent Inflammation in Body

By | March 22, 2017

Prednisone belongs to that class of drugs known as corticosteroids. It is a prescriptio medicine which is used to prevent the release of substances in the body that causes inflammation. Prednisone is used for the treatment of immune system disorder, arthirits, eye problem, blood disorders, canmcer, breathing problem, skin diseases and allergies. This medicatin decreases your immune system’s response to various disease to eliminate the symptoms of swellinf and allergy type reaction.


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What should i know before taking this medicine?
You should know some very important information before taking Prednisone medicine. Do not use this medicine if you are allergic to Prednisolone or Prednisone. Avoid taking this medicine if you have any fungal infection any part of the body. Before switching to Prednisone your doctor or health care professional should know about the medicines you are taking. If you are taking any type of prescription, non prescription and herbal medicine you should tell your doctor about it. If you are planning to go under any type of surgery during treatment, you should inform your doctor about it as you need to stop taking medication before few days of surgery. Keep yourself away from sick and infectious people.

Can i take this medicine during pregnancy?
Prednisone medicine is not recommended by the doctor or health care professionals in pregnant women and breast feeding mothers. If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or a breast feeding mother you should consult your doctor before taking Prednisone medicine. Use of Prednisone in pregnanrt and breast feeding mother may harm the unborn and nursed baby.

Does Prednisone medicine interact with any other drugs?
Every medicine interact with some other medicine. You should always use the medicine as suggested by the doctor. Prednisone drug interacts with cyclosporine, water pill, phenobarbital ketoconazole, aspirin, insulin or diabetes medications, warfarin and rifampin. If you are using any of these medicines your doctor should knows about it as it may cause some serious side effects.

What are the side effects of Prednisone?
Prednisone has some common to serious side effects. Some of these common side effects are slow wound healing, sleep problems, increased sweating, spinning sensation, changes in the shape of various part of body and stomach pain and some serious side effects are low potassium, swelling, bloody or tarry stools, high blood pressure, severe depression and pancreatitis. If you observe any sign of symptoms of these side effects you should immediately consult your doctor.

What should i do if miss a dose?
You are always advise by the doctor to take the medicine at the same time each day so that you not miss your dose. If you miss a dose, take the medicine as soon as you remember. If it is the time of next dose avoid taking the missed dose and continue with the schedule. Do not increase or decrease the dose on your own. Discard this product if not in use. Keep this medicine in a dry place away from light, heat and moisture. You should always keep this medication away from the reach of the children.

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