Modern Man – How to Meet Women

By | April 22, 2018

You can meet single women where single women hang out. Single women may hang out in bars, libraries, bookstores, coffee shops, and the beach in the summer months, church, grocery store, etc.

To meet single women if you are at a bar you can make eye contact with a woman that is of interest to you. We all know the only interest when you first see someone is looks. We try not to be superficial but looks is a big part of who is attractive to you. Once the two of you chat you will know if she still captures your attention. The best-looking woman with a horrendous personality can instantly turn you off.

You can meet single women at the library. If a woman grabs your attention at the library, stand next to her and act like you are looking for a book in that area. Scan and read the title of a book. Ask her if she ever read that book and let her know you are trying to find it on the shelf. This can lead to her helping you find the book. You can ask her what book she is trying to find and you can help her. While looking make small conversation about the subject of the books you are looking for. Ask her if she would like to meet for coffee sometime or if she belongs to the libraries book club. Maybe the two of you could meet at the book club and go out for coffee afterwards. If she seems interested, get her phone number.

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To meet a woman at the book store, do the same moves as you would at the library in the above paragraph.

Another good tip in how to meet single women is if you are at a coffee shop and see a woman you would like to get to know, go up to her and ask her what coffee flavors are good. Find out what her favorite flavor is. Try the flavor in front of her. This will give the two of you more to talk about and create a bond. You could ask her to meet you for a coffee date at the establishment you are at or to try another coffee joint or restaurant in your area for a date. Tell her you want to expand your horizons in the coffee sector and she has such good taste, you would like her to join you.

If you want to date younger women you can meet them at the beach or all of the above places. A good tip in how to date younger women is to keep in shape, dress well and carry yourself with confidence. Women are always looking for a man that has confidence and look well established. At the beach, to meet younger women, ask her what time it is. Tell her you have a date and it is with her. Flirt with her in a playful way. Ask her if she minds if you put your chair or towel next to her. The two of you can chat and get to know each other better.

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To meet younger women at church and how to date younger women at church you can stay after for coffee hour. Most churches offer this so the members can get together and talk and get to know each other better. This is the perfect opportunity to meet a younger woman in a non-threatening environment. Keep going to the same church and finally you can ask her out one afternoon at coffee hour.

At the grocery store you can meet younger women in the fruit and vegetable section. There are so many new and unique fruits and vegetables that you can ask a younger woman “What on earth is this thing?” and point to a vegetable or fruit. You can ask her if she has ever tasted it. Have her describe how it was cooked. Many conversations can ensure from this. At the end of the conversation, you can give her your phone number, ask for hers and tell her you would like her to come over for dinner which you will create with some of these odd vegetables and fruits.

There are many ways to meet single women and plenty of tips on how to meet younger women. Take these tips and find yourself the woman of your dreams.

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