Several Sleep Disorders That You Must Watch Out

By | October 19, 2016

Sleep is recrudescent inert and not react status. At this status, level of consciousness during sleep decreased or disappeared, most of the physiological activity and response into an inert state.

Through sleep, fatigue, nerve cells to restore normal physiological function, mental and physical strength to be restored. Anterior pituitary growth hormone secretion during sleep was significantly higher, and promoting the growth of the body, and to nuclear protein synthesis, is conducive to memory storage.

Sleep disorders is the abnormal amount of sleep and sleep quality in sleep abnormalities or the occurrence of certain clinical symptoms, such as sleep loss or sleep too much, dream line psychosis.

Insomnia means early awakening or sleep difficulties, often accompanied by a deep sleep and dreams. Insomnia is a common sleep disorder. Insomnia can be found in the following situations: 1, insomnia that caused by mental factors; 2. insomnia that caused by physical factors; 3. physiological factors; 4. insomnia that caused by drug-induced; 5. the brain diffuse lesions.

Drowsiness refers to sleep too long, increase sleep time than normal for several hours or several days. Period beginning no REM sleep, the sleep stage NREM and REM sleep are similar to normal sleep. Too much sleep can occur in many brain diseases such as cerebrovascular disease, brain trauma, encephalitis, and the bottom of the third ventricle brain tumors near the sella, also found in the urine poisoning, diabetes, such as excessive sedation.

Night terror sleep means suddenly wake up, eyes looking straight, face intense fear, rapid breathing, and heart rate, accompanied by shouting, unrest, and attacks lasted 1 to 2 minutes, then re-onset of sleep, wake up the morning after the attack can not memories. Study found that night terrors often sleep 15 to 30 minutes after the start occur within, are NREM period, the EEG α rhythm displayed on awakening, is a kind of “arousal disorder.”

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Sleep-walking episodes were suddenly wake up from sleep, is not clear in the case of crawling in bed or walking down to earth, face expressionless, clumsiness, unsteady gait, muttered to himself, even more complex movements, such as visible dress, each episode several minutes, then re-bed, wake up the morning after the attack process is completely forgotten.

Functional euresis refers to children 5 years old still can not control urination, repeated during the day or night, involuntary urination.

Nightmare when sleep, a dream to see the terrible sight or experience terrible things. Catch up if they are wild animals, suddenly fallen off a cliff, and thus call moaning, suddenly woke up, woke up there were some brief confusion, emotional stress, heart palpitations, pale, or cold sweats, etc. The content of dreams can be recalled in fragments, even after onset of sleep.

Narcolepsy refers to the sudden onset of irresistible sleep, accompanied by cataplexy, sleep paralysis and sleep hallucinations.

Kieine-Levin syndrone is a paroxysmal hypersonic in 10 to 20 years old onset common in men, an onset of 3 to 4 times a few days to several weeks, attack only when eating and toilet wake up to eat more than three times the amount available, accompanied by irritability, restlessness, etc., occasionally ζ wave EEG, intermittent episodes of normal, the cause is unknown, often in the adult-demand recovery.

Pickwickian syndrome manifested as excessive sleep, obesity, sleep apnea episodes can occur, muscle relaxation, skin bruising. Apnea is generally 10 to 20 seconds, up to 2 minutes.

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