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Q&A: Toilets confront climate change

—By Shahani Singh Two-and-a-half billion people worldwide have no access to safe, durable sanitation systems. Brian Arbogast, director of the water, sanitation and hygiene programme at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, tells SciDev.Net how innovative toilet technologies and business models could help fix this — and help communities cope with the devastation of climate… Read More »

Pot Use Appears to Change Structure of Your Heart: Study

The findings were published Dec. 18 in JACC Cardiovascular Imaging. McLaughlin characterized the study as “hypothesis-generating,” rather than a solid result. “It’s not a definitive answer by any means, but it gives us reason to investigate the effect of marijuana on heart structure,” she said. Because the study was observational, it’s hard to know whether… Read More »

On (Not) Seeking Change

I’m fairly certain that most of us find change to be a mixed bag. On the one hand, we love the idea of change. In theory, we know that the world changes around us, that people and situations and ideas can change. We may even welcome the possibility of change when greeting each new day.… Read More »